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What can CallTrack™ do for me?
The CallTrack™ service is a real-time tool that allows companies to easily track and measure the progress of advertising campaigns, and analyze/compare the effectiveness of various marketing media, geographic markets, scheduling, and other key metrics.  This information is used to maximize advertising ROI, and document the effectiveness of components within a campaign. 

The service also provides data mining with every customer phone call, displaying online reports of the caller's telephone number, date/time/duration of the call, and an optional lookup of the callers registered name and address.  These reports can be downloaded and imported into CRMs and other database applications, such as Microsoft Excel. 

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How does CallTrack™ work?
We provide you with multiple Toll-Free phone numbers that can be assigned to each of your campaigns or subsets of campaigns.  When called, these numbers ring-through to your regular phone lines.  All call activity is tracked in real-time, and displayed online in both graphical and downloadable text reports. 
Key Benefits

  • Increase the effectiveness of your advertising dollars
  • Provide higher levels of customer service to existing customers
  • Increase sales through expanded leads and follow-up


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Monitor how your advertising is working in real-time, while building new contact lists.

Get online prospects on the phone with you with the click of a button.

A one-number unified messaging / follow-me service with 28 advanced features.

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Toll-Free phone number overlays and fax-to-email upgrades for existing phones.

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