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Never miss another call, and consolidate your telephone, voicemail, fax and email into one easy to use service. ConnectOne is designed to consolidate all communication devices through one phone number: (integrates existing business and home phones, e-mail, mobile phones, and fax).

You need only one phone number to be reached anywhere, while maintaining your privacy with the power to screen all incoming calls.

The service includes e-mail over the phone, an electronic assistant, unified messaging center, fax manager, calendar, web and phone interfaces. All these and many more features are packed into ConnectOne with no special hardware or software requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Simplify contact by consolidating all of your contact sources into a single phone number
  • Gain the flexibility to communicate from almost anywhere, anytime
  • Enjoy the privacy and security of call screening, and keeping your personal contact information confidential

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Monitor how your advertising is working in real-time, while building new contact lists.

Get online prospects on the phone with you with the click of a button.

A one-number unified messaging / follow-me service with 28 advanced features.

Mobile Toll Free
Toll-Free phone number overlays and fax-to-email upgrades for existing phones.

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