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The creators of Connection Leader have amassed decades of experience in the telecommunications and media industries. They have managed annual delivery of billions of phone calls, terminating in locations throughout the world. Connection Leader expertise has resulted in the construction of world-class communication services with the ease of web control, and the reliability of premium-quality telephone circuits.

The Company was founded with three primary service goals:

Tremendous Value

Outstanding Quality

Immediate Results.

The products are incredibly valuable services that are as easy to use as they are powerful. Creating a new account is simple and quick. Changing service settings takes only seconds.

Our corporate facilities are located in Northern & Southern California, and Texas, and are capable of processing Toll-Free calls originating from anywhere in Canada and the Domestic US.


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Monitor how your advertising is working in real-time, while building new contact lists.

Get online prospects on the phone with you with the click of a button.

A one-number unified messaging / follow-me service with 28 advanced features.

Mobile Toll Free
Toll-Free phone number overlays and fax-to-email upgrades for existing phones.

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